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A Bride’s Story (vol. 6) by Kaoru Mori, translated by William Flanagan

Bride's Story 6 by Kaoru Mori on BookDragonThis thus-far six-parter has to be the most visually exquisite series in a long, long time. Every panel is an exercise in meticulously rendered details – whether fabric textures, the subtlest of facial expressions, fur moving in the wind, a hair out of place, a cloud formation, the dust of a stampede, even the splattered blood of murder.

The latest volume is all about family ties … those that bind and those that must be shattered. Amir and Karluk take center page, as their new marriage continues to grow. Literally. Karluk is finally maturing visibly, as his sleeves have become too short, his coat a bit too tight, and perhaps his stirrups will even need to be lowered. Still, Amir can’t help but worry about his seemingly delicate health, regardless of his assurances that he will not succumb to any fevers or diseases. And she’s still got the upper hand whenever he challenges her to a pillowed arm wrestling match.

While the not-yet-lovers banter and bask in their domestic bliss, the world beyond puts the extended family’s village under grave threat. Leading the charge is the least expected of enemies … as they are Amir’s family, including her most beloved brother. Deals are made, promises are extended, food is shared, and a treacherous plan is put into motion …

Dysfunctional family tragedy – 19th-century Silk Road style – demands face-to-face combat. What happens when you look into the eyes of a loved one … on the wrong side? Filial, moral, clan, ethnic duties all come under assault here. Who will be left standing?

Readers: Young Adult, Adult

Published: 2014 (United States)


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